SITE   [photograph]





【The rules of SITE】
・ As I have been traveling from Place to place on my bicycle,
I will ask the question a person that I meet in each places.
"Could you tell me where do you think I might be able to pitch a tent?"

・I will pitch a tent in the place suggested by that person and stay there at least one night,

・The starting point is Hokkaido in December and will spend the winter in Hokkaido.

・I will reject suggestions of places on privately owned land or where you have to pay to pitch
a tent and I will ask to suggest other place that not where I "can" pitch a tent  

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2012/〔ニコンサロン新宿・大阪〕  2013/〔東京都写真美術館〕 2014/旧小玉川小学校